Regenerating anti-age programme

The ageing process follows a well-defined pattern and its negative effects start to become evident at the age of 35. It slows down the general metabolism and therefore the activity of the thyroid hormones. As the body ages, sexual hormones decline, the digestive functions slow down, tissue dehydrates and muscles and joints stiffen, while the immune sys- tem functions less effectively, struggling to recognise infective agents and only partially reacting to them, leading to an accumulation of toxins in cells.

The anti-ageing reinvigoration treatment includes hormone analysis for a male or female profile and an examination of body composition that measures fat, lean mass and bone density. A detox or energy diet will be determined according to individual needs. Individually planned treatment is accompanied by constant monitoring carried out by specialised medical staff.

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The new medical science of anti-ageing seeks solutions and products that are able to slow down the ageing process and give the body its second youth. This is for those who want to be guided through the main concepts of the ageing process and for those with hormone imbalances that want to restore natural balance to their bodies.

Regenerating anti age programme

  • Detoxifying diet or bio-light menu
  • Hormonal analysis, male & female profile
  • Toxaemia level assessment
  • Bio-energetic check-up
  • Body densitometry (scanner, subject to medical visit)
  • Body composition assessment
  • Dietary examination
  • Post-treatment stage diet plan
  • 4 cellular resonance treatments with energy control
  • 6 tendon-muscle massages
  • Hydro-energy treatment including:
    • 6 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
    • 6 phyto-mud therapy sessions
    • 6 hydro-jet massages
  • Fitness programmes and group physical exercise