Anti age programme



The Regenerating Anti-Ageing Programme will include a hormonal analysis for men and women and a body densitometry scan which provides information relating to bone density and body fat composition. Each individual's treatments will then be tailored to suit their personal physical profiles. The diet throughout the week will also be modified depending upon each individual's needs, as some may require either a detoxifying or energetic diet. Treatment programmes are drawn up for each individual and each guest's state of wellbeing is constantly monitored by specialist medical staff.

Recommended for

At the age of 35 the ageing process starts to show the first signs. This programme is tailored for anyone who is concerned about the accelerated ageing process and wants to be guided through this process with scientific  anti-ageing recommendations. Also for people who have hormonal imbalances and want to find a natural body balance for an improved  ageing process.

  • Detoxifying or energetic diet
  • Toxaemia level assessment
  • Bio-energetic check-up
  • Hormonal analysis, male & female profile
  • Body composition assessment
  • Body densitometry (scanner)
    subject to medical evaluation
  • Dietary examination
  • Post-treatment stage diet plan
  • 4 cellular resonance treatments with energy control
  • 6 tendon-muscle massages
  • Hydro-energy treatment including:
    – 6 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
    – 6 phyto-mud therapy sessions
    – 6 hydro-jet massages
  • Fitness programmes and group physical exercise
  • Medical compulsory visit control ad assistance (not included)