Energetic programme



The Energetic Programme is perfect for both men and women who are stressed and need to recharge, as well as for those who are overweight, tired and want to increase their energy levels. In addition to the classic detox elements, the programme will feature a high protein diet incorporating Chenot's high purity proteins. Daily exercise programme with a personal trainer and group exercises are included. Treatment programmes are drawn up for each individual and each guest's state of wellbeing is constantly monitored by specialist medical staff.

Recommended for

Anyone who has problems with energy levels as a consequence of stress and anxiety, wrong eating habits and poor sleep will benefit from it. Also for overweight, tired and those individuals who want to improve their performances through a rebalanced lifestyle.

  • Energetic slimming diet based on detox and biolight
  • Toxaemia level assessment
  • Bio-energetic check-up
  • Body composition assessment
  • Body densitometry (scanner)
    subject to medical evaluation
  • Dietary examination
  • Post-treatment stage diet plan
  • 4 cellular resonance treatments with energy control
  • 6 tendon-muscle massages
  • Hydro-energy treatment including:
    – 6 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
    – 6 phyto-mud therapy sessions
    – 6 hydro-jet massages
  • 6 lessons whith Personal Trainer and group physical exercise
  • Medical compulsory visit control ad assistance (not included)