Dominique Chenot

The relationship between food and health, the foundation of our psycho-physical wellbeing.



Dominique Chenot was born in Algeria in 1952, and in 1962 she moved to France with her family.
Following classical studies, she became a professor of aesthetics.

Today Dominique is responsible for the Aesthetic Biontology Department of the Chenot Centres.

Her direct experience in the field is in continuous evolution, through the study and daily verification of aesthetic treatments that follow the most advanced principles, according to sound scientific bases. For this reason, she is recognised as having a fundamental role in research and development for Henri Chenot cosmetic products.

An enthusiast of energy alimentation, Dominique has also taken part in the creation and realisation of the Dietetic Biontology Department of the Espace Henri Chenot in Merano.

Today she is responsible for the supervision and quality control of all the Chenot Centres.

Together with her husband Henri, she collaborated in writing the book "La dieta energetica" [The Energy Diet].

Since 2005 this activity has also been concretised in her energy cuisine recipes collected in the book "The Taste of Well-Being".