Body Balance Energy Kit

Simply a healthy meal.

HP Protein® – the new frontier in the world of proteins.

From the advanced research of LB Lyopharm Srl comes the HP protein: obtained from buttermilk through an innovative extraction process, this purified protein can be 100% digested by the body, with exactly the same benefits.

As well as satisfying hunger, there are obvious health benefits in terms of weight control and maintaining muscle mass and bone density. The innovation of protein HP will be the basis for the Chenot Dietetique nutrition series.

Strengths of the Chenot Dietetique products.

A protein diet can only ensure the best results if it is based on high quality protein. Chenot Dietetique products therefore guarantee the best protein supply based on Protein HP, which the body can fully digest.

The Soups, Drinks and Lyogourt which are made through a process of freeze-drying can be 100% digested by the body and satisfy hunger.

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