The Departments of Espace Henri Chenot

To rediscover personal equilibrium.

Espace Henri Chenot.

There are five departments, an expert and qualified team and totally personalised treatments for rediscovering your mental and physical wellbeing and a new aesthetical wellbeing.

Each day our body metabolises food and produces energy, as well as toxins, thereby causing "deterioration" and ageing, a process which can also worsen due to hereditary factors or particular environmental conditions, improper physical activity or poor diet, or even excess use of medicine.
This causes toxaemia, which reduces vitality of cells, tissue and general functioning of our organs, and over time seriously slows this process down and changes the body's equilibrium.

Through the services offered at the Espace Henri Chenot, you can not only improve your health through a specific treatment programme, but you can also enhance yourself through a series of actions that work both on the inner and outer body, allowing total reinvigoration.

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