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  • Dietetic assessment
  • Food intolerance assessment
  • The glycemic index
  • DIET
  • Detox diet
  • Weight harmonisation
  • The glycemic index
  • Natural cooking course

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Learning to eat differently. A genuine culinary laboratory, ready for scientific and creative research into new methods of preparing food that is both healthy and delicious in the luxurious setting of Palace Merano.


Dietetic assessment

This analysis is carried out under the supervision of a dietician, a reflection on personal eating habits aimed at devising a personalised healthy diet.

Food intolerance assessment

This makes it possible to identify food which is not tolerated by the organism, increases the toxic load and triggers phenomena of hidden energy which causes a variety of symptoms.

The glycemic index

The glycemic index describes the quality of carbohydrates contained in food and is an indication of their capacity to raise glycaemia: the assessment of the IG of food consumed helps to build a proper healthy diet.


Detox diet

This is a "hypotoxic" purifying diet, which manages to remove toxins from their deposits, stimulating and assisting the natural purifying functions of the liver.

Weight harmonisation

The diet is based almost exclusively on food of vegetable origin, without salt or saturated fat, rich in organic food and fresh vegetables for a full supply of vitamins and mineral salts.
On the basis of tests, collected data and the needs of the person, a nutritional plan is drawn up to rebalance the figure (reconstruction or reduction of body weight).

The glycemic index

Light, healthy, tasty food, prepared using healthy techniques and innovative cooking methods to preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients.

"Dominique Chenot" Cooking Workshop

Natural cooking course

A proper, healthy lifestyle requires you to follow the right diet, selecting ingredients and the preparation method for each dish. The quality and type of food, its origins and cooking method are fundamental in the cures proposed by Palace MeranoEspace Henri Chenot.

Having spent a week in our care, the detoxified and revitalised guest feels he/she cannot lose the newly acquired equilibrium and often wants to continue the work undertaken once back home.

For this reason, the Dominique Chenot Cooking Courses were designed to guide guests in the discovery of new cooking techniques and the most suitable ingredients for a healthy diet.
The course includes an introduction to the use of food and ingredients with high quality nutritional properties and the teaching of preparation with innovative cooking methods, such as vacuum cooking and more traditional methods such as steaming. Learn the secrets of healthy cooking, while enjoying yourself.