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Palace Hotel Merano

Over five hundred years of charm in a luxurious historic setting

The story of the Palace Hotel Merano began in the early twentieth century, when entrepreneur Peter Delugan purchased the land where the Maur castle stood; this castle dated back to 1676. The land, along with the enormous adjoining parkland, boasted a plant nursery, a vegetable garden, a vineyard and a splendid botanical garden and up to then it was a place for pleasure trips which were becoming increasingly popular among the nineteenth-century European aristocracy. A decision was taken to build a luxury hotel that could appeal to their refined taste and after only 18 months, in 1906, the Palace Hotel opened its doors.

Health for Life

Health Department with technical medical treatments

At our hotel you’ll find out how effective our treatment programmes are – such as the Detox programme, the energy programme, the anti-age regeneration programme and the spa & wellness programme. These have all been designed to get the body back to its maximum level of mental and physical wellbeing, using exclusive toxin-elimination methods, as well as techniques to reactivate energy channels and natural functions, tailored to each guest’s individual needs

Rooms & Suites

Luxurious, elegant surroundings

Designed to be welcoming and comfortable, all the accommodation at the Merano Palace Hotel is bright and spacious. The hotel has 100 rooms, 29 of which are suites and junior suites. Each room comes with a flat-screen, satellite TV, CD and DVD player, a mini-bar and safe, as well as numerous other services. Our customer service is committed to doing everything possible to make your stay full of happy memories. Let us know your special requirements when booking or inform Reception upon checking-in, as we would be delighted to meet your requests.

Prices, reservations and info

How to read our prices

At the Palace Hotel, there are many different options available for your stay, including luxurious, elegant rooms and treatment programmes tailored to your individual needs. Our specialist medical staff will take you step by step through an unrivalled health and wellness programme. Choose the option that best suits you and book your stay at the Palace Hotel Merano right away.

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