A pleasant Atmosphere in our Common Areas

Let yourself go in the emotion of continuous discovery

Dietetic restaurant: a pleasant, balanced lunch or dinner

The two dietetic restaurants offer light, tasty dietetic cuisine. The chef and his team are delighted to offer a selection of products prepared with fresh seasonal produce, in compliance with lightness rules.

The bio-light and detox menu apply the philosophy of the Palace Hotel, which patients learn during individual sittings with their doctor and at various times during the health programme. The dietetic kitchen staff accurately select the type and quality of ingredients, with a watchful eye on combining dishes during the meal.

The menus incorporate the use of organically farmed, antioxidant, hypotoxic produce with high nutritional properties: the whole, unprocessed ingredients, which conserve all their properties, are of fundamental importance. Huge importance is also given to harmony among the food used, the types of cooking methods and dish presentation. Pleasure is not just in tasting, but also from something to admire.

Tea Bar

To sip a cup of tea or some regenerating herbal tea, fresh juice or other healthy drinks, the "Tea Bar" is open from 8.30 am to 12 pm. With its separate small tables and sofas, it is a pleasant meeting point to share moments of pure relaxation in intimate and inviting surroundings.

Botanical garden

At Botanical garden you can take a walk in the luxurious setting of the botanical garden and relax among the greenery, offering surprising diversity in the plants and trees. Guests can rest under the shade of the gazebo for relaxing and pleasant encounters with other guests.

There are also numerous sports activities, directed by our specialist staff, which can take place outdoors, such as a refreshing swim in the big, outdoor pool, or more privately, in the indoor pool, made available to all our guests.

Swimming pool

The outdoor swimming pool is operational and heated from 1st May to 31st October. The indoor swimming pool is operational and heated throughout the year.

Other areas

Palace Merano offers a series of other inviting and relaxing areas for an unforgettable stay. The lounge hall is one such area, with sofas and armchairs where guests can mingle over a pleasant game of chess or a music session with the grand piano available to guests.

There is also a splendid terrace with a view over the park where guests can fully enjoy the excellent climate all year round. Reception is an important gathering point where you will find updates on activities offered by Palace Merano staff, with the brand new adjacent winter garden, which has recently undergone complete renovation for maximum comfort and discretion.