Internal analysis laboratory service

For wellbeing at 360 degrees

Analysis laboratory at Palace Merano

Thanks to the new internal laboratory service, it is possible to carry out important diagnostic research:

  • Routine tests: to immediately determine the health of our guests.
  • Specific hemato-chemical tests: to help diagnose underlying illnesses, which at times, despite their diffusion, are difficult to diagnose.
  • Study of intestinal bacteria flora: to highlight any imbalances resulting in the alteration of the intestine (constipation, colitis, swelling and tympanites).
  • Assessment of individual vitamin balance: to enable more precise therapeutic prescriptions of nutraceutical products.
  • Determination of hormone parameters: including sexual hormones (both male and female), those for the thyroid and stress.
  • Assessment of the concentration of heavy metals in the body: to recommend specific therapies and help in the prevention of further intoxication.

There is also an equally important series of haematological parameters forming part of anti-ageing medicine, which are necessary to assess general wellbeing with precise indications that will be provided to avoid early cell ageing processes and possible illnesses, including those that are genetic.