Atelier de Cuisine: healthy cuisine with genuine ingredients

Learning the secrets of healthy eating while enjoying yourself

For healthy living, a proper diet is necessary by selecting the ingredients and the method of preparing each dish. Great attention to quality and the type of food, as well as its origin and cooking method are fundamental in the cures, which aim for deep detoxification thanks to energy treatments and hydro-therapy cures, as well as, and most importantly, detoxifying and purifying diets for the body.

Having spent a week in our care, the detoxified and revitalised guest feels he/she cannot lose the newly acquired equilibrium and often wants to continue the work undertaken once back home. For this reason the cooking courses came about and are carried out by our chef who presents guests with secrets and tips for a healthy, balanced diet, all of which are delicious.

Each course, carried out in an interactive, fun manner, illustrates the cooking techniques and the most suitable ingredients for a healthy diet, all easy on the palate. Participants learn cooking techniques that avoid excess seasoning and without altering the nutritional properties of food, such as cooking with a wok or steaming.

Get to know new food such as Quinoa, Seitan or Kamut, which are highly digestible alternatives to wheat, and you will start to appreciate the high nutritional quality of wholegrain food, which is richer in nutritional substances and easier to digest than processed food. The recipes are designed to tease the palate, by flavouring the food with tasty spices instead of fat, while paying attention to presentation and the colours of the dish, because your eyes also need pleasing.

The course is held in the kitchens every Wednesday and Thursday from 4.00 to 5:30 pm, and includes a maximum of 10 participants. Cost for participation is €70 per person per day andincludes a personalised apron and cooking diary, where you can take notes during lessons. The course is open exclusively to guests of Palace Merano.

Dietetics department