Biontology: achieving balance between the mind, the subconscious and the body

Studying the essence of life and its evolution

The term Biontology is used to illustrate a concept of health, a concept strictly linked to the progressive evolution over time of the idea of ageing. It is a term actually created by Henri Chenot and from the etymological point of view means "the study of the essence of life and its evolution."

Through the study of Biontology, Henri Chenot intends to achieve a deeper understanding of the changes which can be verified inside an organism with the passing of time, taking account of how these changes actually begin at birth and how important it is to invest in our physical and mental health.

Because of this, Biontology is based on a total vision of our body, certainly not forgetting how important its form and aesthetic appearance are, but also how it is just as important not to undo the close ties that unite the mind, the unconscious and the physical body.

As with ageing or tiredness, pollution of the organism is not only a question of bad diet or excessive production of toxins: it is a question of a lack of equilibrium between the mind, the unconscious and the physical body. That is the equilibrium that Henri Chenot is committed to rediscovering by means of "his" Biontology.

In simple terms, to live means to burn and it is easy to see that, while living, the organism will produce toxins, which naturally cause the ageing of the individual. The process of toxification, as long as the quality of the blood is not altered, remains within acceptable limits.

Unfortunately however, when one exceeds a balanced diet, the excess food interferes with the quality of the nutritional process, causing increased toxaemia, a condition which is also caused by stress. Increased toxicity pollutes various parts of the organism little by little, leading to a disequilibrium, which is inevitably followed by illnesses that generally all have the same origins: homotoxicology.

Then there are those hereditary, climatic and environmental influences which generate a localisation of the illness that, depending on the individual case, can involve different organs of the human body. Biontology is therefore a science that helps you stay young as long as possible and age in the best way while maintaining a healthy body and mind. For better living, for longer and in the best conditions.


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