Energetic programme – remise en forme

This new programme is for those who need to recover the essential energy required to balance their vitality. It includes the complete treatment programme and is supplemented by a daily exercise programme with a personal trainer and group physical exercise. Individually planned treatment is accompanied by constant monitoring carried out by specialised medical staff.

Recommended for

Those with poor dietary habits and a lifestyle that is not in line with their genetic heritage, which may compromise their health. Prevention aims to reduce these risks. The treatment is designed for those who want to re-establish a good level of energy and vitality, which is often jeopardised by stress, anxiety, a poor diet and disturbed sleep. It is also for those who feel overweight and tired, and want to restore a healthy lifestyle.

Energetic programme – remise en forme

  • Detoxifying diet or bio-light menu
  • Toxaemia level assessment
  • Bio-energetic check-up
  • Body composition assessment
  • Body densitometry (scanner, subject to medical visit)
  • Medical evaluation
  • Dietary examination
  • Post-treatment stage diet plan
  • 4 cellular resonance treatments with energy control
  • 6 tendon-muscle massages
  • Hydro-energy treatment including:
    • 6 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
    • 6 phyto-mud therapy sessions
    • 6 hydro-jet massages
  • 6 lessons with Personal Trainer and group physical exercise