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Is it too difficult for you to get away for six days of detox treatment given the current situation? 

The Hotel Palace Merano has designed this formula for you:

Do your commitments and the current situation not allow you to take advantage of 6 days of detox treatment? The Palace Merano offers a formula designed for you:

Medical Revital Detox Programme - 4 days and 5 nights

This programme is perfect for:

  • Detox, leading to weight loss,
  • strengthening of the immune system,
  • improvement of Long Covid syndrome
  • dealing with digestive difficulties
  • improving states of anxiety and depression
  • improving muscle, bone, cardiovascular and diabetes-related complaints
  • strengthening against free radicals and anti-aging therapies

What it involves:

  • Nutrition: Revital Detox and nutritional follow-up for dysmetabolic syndrome
  • Dietary visit + antioxidant diet elaboration after treatment
  • 3 Sessions of ozone therapy
  • 3 Sessions of immunostimulating infusions
  • Blood tests with general and hormonal profile
  • Titration of Covid-19 antibodies
  • 1 Bone densitometry and body composition (Dexa scanner), after medical evaluation
  • 1 Bioenergetic check-up and results
  • 2 Bioenergetic treatments
  • 4 Energy-therapeutic massages
  • Hydroenergetic treatment with:
    • 4 hydro-aromatherapy sessions
    • 4 phyto-mud therapy sessions
    • 4 hydrojets
  • 1 Postural fitness session

This programme also includes our REVITAL 3 DAYS KIT for after care

Prices: Eur 3.700,00 (please note that this is the cost of the programme and does not include accommodation)
Extra: Eur 207.00 (compulsory medical examination and control)

+39 0473 271 399

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