LYObag for a healthy diet

In recent years, the Palace Hotel Merano has set up its own scientific research and production department for the purpose of creating health foods. This laboratory highly specialized in the production of top-quality, highest-purity proteins and peptides is called LB LYOpharm.

The story of LYOpharm is synonymous with innovation. Today it’s located in Bolzano, and is a facility dedicated to researching and developing highest-purity active principles using extracts from plant sources, whey protein, micro-organisms and cell cultures. From the natural goodness and great taste of the special medicinal-purpose NutraLYO® freezedried products, to the high level of purification (90%) of the whey proteins in ProLYOtin®, to the purity of the sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant SPE-VIA®, our journey thus far has led to the creation of a range of revolutionary, top quality products.

Having perfected the ancient freeze-drying process, meaning that our products could be kept for longer without losing their original flavours and other properties, we then came up with the idea of using freeze-dried foods to substitute one’s whole diet as an aid to weight loss. This is where LYObag comes in – it’s a range of freeze-dried foods based on high-quality fruit and vegetables with no added colours or additives but packed with flavour.

By following our simple 6-day plan, which provides you with all the nutrients your body needs daily, you’ll see how quickly and easily you can feel fitter and slimmer. The handy LYObag pouches contain yummy, high-quality freeze-dried foods; 12 purées, 6 soups, 6 drinks, 12 desserts and 12 drinkable Lyogurts.

Choose LYObag and enjoy its advantages: a varied, healthy and above all delicious diet with 18 different flavours; freeze-dried foods synonymous with quality; appetizing ready-made meals that are quick and simple to prepare; a complete diet that provides you with your optimum daily calorie intake. Results are guaranteed and you don’t have to give up anything – especially not flavour.

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