LB Lyopharm in Bolzano for research and development

The research laboratory, developed in collaboration with Palace Merano for micro-nutrition, dietetic and cosmetic healing products, allows us to specifically analyse the sectors relevant to the applications within our centre and developed for the health and wellbeing of our guests.

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Research, development and analysis laboratory

INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTS: Chromatography, Fractionation-Purification, Ultrafiltration, Separation, Microfiltration, Enzymatic Therapy Unit, Atomisation, Freeze-Drying.

ANALYSIS LABORATORY: Bacteriology, Cell Culture, HPLC, Spectrometry.

Research and development

AGRO-FOOD SECTOR: Production of peptides starting with whey protein and vegetable protein. The main purpose is to produce peptides that do not present any allergies or intolerance, unlike protein.

Cosmetics sector

Production of active raw materials exclusively of vegetable origin. Molecules and active principles with low molecular weight and subsequently, the production of cosmetic products. Possible toxicity of our active principles will be controlled on cell cultures to prevent various skin allergies.

Nutraceutic and food supplement sector

As part of a healthy eating plan, our laboratory will develop food supplements to complement traditional eating habits.

Growth mediums

Development and release on the market of growth mediums for cells and micro-organisms perfectly defined for the production of recombinant protein and human or animal vaccines with the help of cultured cells or micro-organisms.