Wellness Department

Re-awakening the energy in your body and mind in harmony

Take advantage of the gym (or, if you wish, ask our staff to help you), the swimming pool, the sauna, the Kneipp path and the steam baths.

Fitness - water aerobics

The right physical activity supports and improves the purification, rebalancing and harmonisation processes in the body. Under the supervision of a personal trainer, you can choose the most suitable programme for your organism and personal wellbeing recovery objectives.

Personal Training

Private lessons with final assessment and advice for carrying out proper training at home too.

Kinesis technique

A unique personalised training programme, scheduled according to personal needs and objectives. Kinesis makes it possible to carry out more than 200 exercises without limits in movement to improve strength, flexibility, stability and posture. The programme can only be followed if supervised by a personal trainer.

Nordic Walking

This is a new concept of all-year-round outdoor movement which increases the amount of physical activity. It is easy to do and trains all the major muscles in a similar way to cross-country skiing.

Power Plate - Vibrating platform

This vibration-based form of training stimulates muscles all over the body. It is even more effective when used in conjunction with different aesthetic treatments, increasing blood circulation, strengthening muscles and reducing stress and tiredness. Each training session consists of 10 different positions for a maximum time of 60 seconds each to give full training to all the muscle areas.

Vacu Power

The Vacu Power is a combination of a treadmill and a depressurized capsule. It is a natural therapy that remodels the body, visibly reduces fat and cellulite in the abdominal area, hips and buttocks. It requires the supervision of a personal trainer.