Health is the real luxury.

The Revital Method: Detox for Longevity

“Health and wellbeing are assets that need continual investment in order to maintain their value. Preserving health doesn’t mean just avoiding disease, but also strengthening our bodies day by day and facilitating longevity by eating a diet full of antioxidants and natural products that support our body’s defences against free radicals, so that cell degeneration is slowed and our natural processes boosted. It truly is possible to age in a state of health and wellbeing if you look after your mind and body right, so that your body has what it needs to get through each stage of existence.” Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer

The product of over 20 years’ experience, REVITAL – Detox for Longevity bases its method on the application of preventive treatments from the fields of functional, allopathic and energy-based medicine and on the principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

The Five Elements of the Revital Method

The Revital Method is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient holistic discipline, which at Hotel Palace combines with the most advanced techniques and practices of Western medicine.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy flowing through the universe at large, nature and every living thing has essential, constant qualities known as “elements”.

Prevention means living well

5 elementi revital

There are five forms of energy found in nature, known as “elements”: wood (Green/Hepatic Element), fire (Red/Cardiac Element), earth (Yellow/Pancreatic Element), metal (White/Pulmonary Element) and water (Grey/Surrenal Element). 

Each of the 5 elements has certain characteristics, different physical morphologies associated with different character traits, and for each person it is possible to identify a prevailing Element.

Identifying these characteristics plays a vital role in tailoring the Revital treatments to individual needs.

The optimal solution, whatever your needs

Our medical staff, dieticians, masseurs and hydrotherapy staff, as well as the team of naturopaths and operators who take care of the bioenergy treatments, know which path to guide each individual guest along.  

We use different forms of medicine and different techniques in synergy with each other, in order to achieve the main goals of our treatments: to revitalise the body and keep it healthy over time, free it from excess toxins and reactivate the energy associated with each individual’s principal Element through customized preventive health programmes and a balanced diet with a wealth of antioxidants. 

Getting back into balance has never been simpler.

The Revital Departments

One of the keystones of your stay – and of the Revital Method – is the initial medical check-up, which allows us to accurately assess your overall state of health.

Prevention of illness and maintenance of health: tailor your plan with the help of our specialists.

Aging is a natural process that happens to everybody, but how you age is up to you. Our treatments are tailored to each guest’s individual needs and help boost immune-system function, soften hardened tissues and thereby improve the absorption of nutrients – especially vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. We act on several fronts to give your body renewed energy and vitality, so that you can feel good whatever your time of life.

Revital@Home: … the treatment continues

The close partnership between the Lyopharm R&D lab in Bolzano and the Piroche company in Merano has led to the creation of several ranges of nutritional and dietetic products as well as cosmetic treatments. With these products, our guests can enjoy an “at-home service” that will allow them to maintain the level of health and wellbeing achieved during their stay at Hotel Palace Merano.  

You can find all the products in the Revital range, such as the herbal teas, food supplements and the whole Revital cosmetics range at our online shop or in the hotel boutique during your stay. 

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