An experience of
boundless relaxation

The Benefits of "Floating" – the Unique Experience of Sensory Deprivation

Floating, or sensory deprivation tank, offers a profoundly rejuvenating experience to explore astonishing levels of relaxation and tranquility.

Imagine immersing yourself in an environment devoid of sound, light, and external stimuli, where you can reconnect with yourself and discover a deep sense of calm. This cutting-edge technology allows you to isolate your body and mind from the distractions of the external world, creating an ideal condition for physical recovery and mental serenity.

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This state of deep relaxation achieved during floating activates the body's parasympathetic response. The body is freed from the constant burden of monitoring temperature and gravitational alignment, which consume 90% of its resources. Simultaneously, it begins to produce beneficial substances, such as endorphins. After an hour in the sensory deprivation tank, all physical tensions are released, accumulated psychological stress dissipates, and a sense of pure well-being is experienced.

  • Health and Well-being Benefits: The sensory deprivation tank offers an effective solution for combating stress and enhancing quality of life.
  • Accelerated Muscle Recovery: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts find an ally in the sensory deprivation tank for post-intense workout recovery. Muscle inflammation is reduced, and regular practice yields improved athletic performance.
  • Creativity and Concentration: Through silence and the absence of external stimuli, the float tank can contribute to enhancing creativity and improving concentration. Artists, writers, and busy professionals discover a refuge for inspiration and productivity.
  • Therapeutic Support: Healthcare professionals use the float tank as a therapeutic tool to treat anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, and various physical ailments.

Transform your personal space into an enchanting oasis of peace and rejuvenation through floating.


The Floating Session

Before entering the floatation tank, a therapist will be by your side to assist you during each stage of the preparation. After a short shower, you will immerse yourself in the tank where your external stimulus will gradually drift away. The water is warmed to body temperature and is rich in Epsom salts which allows you to float effortlessly. The sensation of lightness created will make all boundaries between your body and the water disappear.
The basic duration of the Floating session is 60 minutes, but longer sessions are also available. It is advisable to experience at least twice during your stay.