Nurturing health in the midst of Merano’s natural charms.

Merano in Italy and around

The Hotel Palace is located in the charming town of Merano in Italy. At an altitude of 325 metres and protected by mountain ranges to the north and east, the town enjoys some of the best climatic conditions in Europe. The natural basin the town nestles in creates a particularly pleasant microclimate all year round.

Merano is a place of peace, relaxation and wellbeing. The town is surrounded by nature trails where visitors can restore both their body and their spirit.

Leisure activities
in Merano Italy

A must-do in Merano is to explore the mountain trails on foot or mountain bike – the perfect way to keep fit. The natural splendour of the rivers and mountains around the town can be enjoyed all year round, while a variety of winter sports are on offer in the cold months.

Shows, events and culture

Merano is also perfect for lovers of historic towns. Wending their way under the many porticoes, visitors can breathe in the history and culture of this Alpine town and maybe enjoy a bit of shopping at the exclusive boutiques in the town centre.   

The Christmas season in Merano is a real feast for the senses, while lovers of horticulture won’t want to miss Castle Trauttmannsdorff with its famous botanic gardens.

Merano in Italy, with its paradisiacal surroundings, is an area that offers emotions in every season of the year!

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