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Postural assessment: the new preventive health programme

Our specialised medical staff has always offered customised and constantly monitored preventive health programmes in order to promote a significant improvement in your quality of life. The main objectives are elimination of toxins and energy recovery.

At Palace Merano, we present a new advanced postural assessment service. It is an innovative method that uses the technologies of gait analysis, pelvis positioning, and dynamic control of body stability to identify and correct defects in posture, foot support, and leg movements.

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Developed by experts in biomechanics, neurology, physiotherapy, and engineering, this system uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor and correct body movements in real time.

The benefits

The benefits of a preventative postural assessment include:

  • pain reduction: the problem can be easily identified and corrected, to provide muscle and joint relief
  • recovery of a musculoskeletal problem: caused by medical conditions, injuries, accidents, or incorrect habits
  • prevention of complications: detecting postural problems at an early stage can prevent the development of long-term complications
  • improved performance: correct posture can improve athletic performance, balance, coordination, and reduce the risk of injury
  • general health reinforcement: good posture can positively influence the digestive, respiratory, cerebral, and hormonal systems, as well as physical appearance and self-confidence

The tests

There are several dynamic tests and monitoring available that provide critical data for creating a customised treatment plan. The postural assessment lasts approximately one hour and includes a series of complementary tests including:

Gait analysis

A new gait analysis system, which evaluates the support of the feet, the movement of the knees and legs.

Balance control

Control of the proprioceptive and cognitive system of the body and posture. It provides important data on equilibrium, stability, and balance of the body.

Dynamic range of motion

Dynamic control of the ability to move arms, legs, and torso.

Dynamic balance control

Dynamic control of the stability and balance of the body.

Movement analysis

Dynamic posture control during basic movements.

Strenght training

Evaluation of one’s strength expressed both free body and applied to specific equipment.

Bio feedback rehab

Re-education of gait and walking movement. Provides instant feedback during movement, encouraging active correction and improvement of gait and walk.

Cognitive assessment and training

Re-educational body movement training: provides a precise analysis of cognitive and motor skills and develops a customised training program aimed at effectively enhancing these skills.

Consultations with our qualified therapists are the best way to ensure an accurate postural assessment and a customised treatment plan. The dynamic test and monitoring results give the right data to the specialised Palace Merano staff (doctors, osteopaths, and personal trainers) on the correct therapy to follow during the treatment stay, and afterwards at home.

In a world increasingly oriented toward a sedentary lifestyle, postural health has become a fundamental aspect of well-being. Postural assessment provides a key analysis to understand the health of the spine and musculoskeletal system, an important step toward a better quality of life.