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LB Lyopharm and Piroche – Partners in Research & Development

The Lyopharm research laboratory, founded in partnership with the Hotel Palace in Merano, is dedicated to the field of micronutrition and the development of dietary products for use at our treatment centre, to increase the health and wellbeing of our guests.    

These products are functional, innovative, high-quality and formulated so as not to cause any allergic or intolerant reactions. They’re the perfect supplement to a healthy, balanced diet.  

Revital Cosmetics has the task of creating skincare products that protect both the health and the beauty of the skin. These products are designed for use in synergy with the Revital treatments and provide immediate benefits.    

The Revital Cosmetics range has been developed thanks to our partnership with the Piroche company, founded thirty years ago here in the South Tyrol region.

The vital ingredients of the Revital cosmetics range are:

  • Natural mountain spring water, packed with health-giving and therapeutic properties;
  • Plant extracts from renowned medicinal plants, in order to guarantee maximum efficacy and enhance the benefits obtained from the treatments;
  • Synergistic blends of natural active principles leading to functional, dynamic products.

The Revital, Detox for Longevity cosmetics range is also full of ingredients with detoxing, revitalizing and anti-aging properties. Detoxing because they bring the body back into balance and help the skin get rid of toxins. Revitalizing because they reactivate the body’s natural cell-regeneration processes. Anti-aging because they help combat the marks left by time.

You can also purchase the products in our Revital Food and Cosmetics ranges directly from our online shop

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